is Shutting Down products are shutting down December 15th, 2016. Read this note on our home page.

The good news is that we are announcing the launch of Mailshake, which will replace Connector!

All customers will receive an email explaining how this affects them specifically, but here are the highlights:

  • All paying Connector customers will be transitioned to Mailshake at the same $9 / month price
  • Customers with lifetime-licenses to Connector will be able to use them on Mailshake
  • There will be no replacement for our Notifier and Marketer products
  • You will not be charged for further use of products (any unpaid balance on your account will still be collected)
  • You should export any data you wish to save; your account will be inaccessible when we shut down
  • If you have a discount on a Connector account, that discount will not be transferrable to Mailshake
  • Account data will be deleted within 60 days after shut down